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Because every drop of Mayella is precious

A little about us – 100% Australian made and a family owned and operated business. Every day we consider ourselves privileged to be living and operating on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland. Life is blessed when you have a thriving creative community and beautifully natural environment to call home.

Our formulas come from a deeply rewarding career of co-founder Amanda’s 30+ years in the health and wellness industry. Amanda & founding partner, her mother Robyn, work tirelessly together to bring their love of and passion for Mother Nature’s medicine, to fulfil their dream of supporting people and families in their everyday lives with Mayella Skincare, Nutrition & Tisanes – organic herbal teas.

Our creativity in formulating takes us around the world sourcing indigenous ingredients and healing inspiration from ancient cultures. We are passionate about the quality of our ingredients and the purpose they hold for being present in our formulas. Searching the global village for the world’s finest quality, clean and health -giving natural ingredients. Sourced from the fertile lands that provide the highest nutritional value available, for example the root crop Maca, grows indigenous to Peruvian highlands. Kakadu Plum, the worlds’ highest known natural source of bio-available Vitamin C is found in both our skin care and nutritional blends, grows native to Australia.

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