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Nature provide us with the best ingredients when it comes to putting them on our skin

Our Story

Hi, we're Robyn & Amanda,

Founders of Mayella Skincare, Nutrition and Herbal Tisanes - blissful organic herbal teas.

It was a combination of both our careers and having a young family that was the starting point and the driver behind what is Mayella today. Our belief in the wholesome goodness of natural and organic nourishing smoothies and foods on the table, herbal teas as a pleasurable drink and therapy, thank goodness for tea and friends...combined with the desire not to have harsh chemicals or toxins around the home, and wanting to share our knowledge with others in a wider community than our clinical practice, that lead to the birth of Mayella Organics.

Products that are good for our everyday health and wellness

Babies with sensitive skin, food intolerances and our heart full of wanting to do anything and everything possible to care for them, meant making some strong decisions to support them as best we could with their diet and home sweet home life. Life is so full when you have babies and balancing work life with family life is just that, a constantly adjusting, balancing ebb and flow. We based our decisions in their most actively growing years to look to set up every-day good foundations to see them through, and hopefully with these cellular and constitution resources embedded, onto the teenage years and an actively thriving adulthood!

Inspired by Amanda's daughter, Sophie Mayella, as our namesake, in 2010 we gave birth to Mayella Organics and reaching out to the global community with natural and organic products that are centred on creating wellness. Our belief in the health of our inner world directly connecting with and supporting the beautiful health of our outer world. A holistic connection.

Amanda's thinking as a healthcare practitioner influences Mayella’s product line to create formulations that support the body, mind and health in the ever-changing needs and phases of life.

We consider ourselves fortunate to search the global village for the world’s finest quality ingredients. Fair trade and sustainable practice enable the age-old equivalent of local markets to continue, generations of knowledge and cultural diversity to remain, where communities are able to thrive into the future and grow in the modern world.

It is our passion and joy to do what we do daily, to be a presence in your daily health and wellness journey.

Love & laughter
Robyn & Amanda xx

Mayella - products


We pride ourselves on formulating pure unadulterated and handcrafted products. containing no sugar, dairy, unnecessary fillers or bulking agents, no palm oil, GMO, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics, harmful chemicals, artificial flavours, colours or artificial fragrances. Ethically made with no animal testing or toxic preservatives and free from ingredients that are common allergens.

Our ingredients

Our focus is to be actively supporting you in your daily life with wholistic skincare, nutritional wholefoods, herbal tisanes, not only for you, but also your friends and your whole family. If you’re onto something good, you’ll want to share with your loved ones, right? This is why Mayella® is unisex and multiage – we don’t discriminate with people but we do discriminate with quality.

Mayella - Pure Organic Green Tea

Pure Organic Green Tea

Calmative, strong antioxidant, anti–inflammatory. Regulates cell formation and inhibits cell mutation. Antibacterial. Stimulates healthy blood flow. Clearing and brightening effect to skin. Repairs UV damage, sunburn.

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